Greetings.  It has been a while since I have posted an update.  We have been busy in the background working and making progress on different fronts.  The Bargaining Unit Resolution Committee (BURC) has been meeting with the employer and hopefully soon in the New Year we will wrap up this work.

We have also been meeting and working on the bumping language to better protect our members during a layoff.  This does not happen often but it has.  Language was removed from the CBA at a previous interest arbitration by the arbitrator and it was a priority for us to get that back.

Our President will be providing an update as well with regards to the CPAP issue.  He will email this shortly.  Stay tuned.

Grievances have been filed.  Some have been resolved and some will move forward.  In 2020 we have conducted online mediation as well as an online arbitration.

The executive has also met and we discussed strategies moving forward with respect to the ongoing pandemic and conducting business for the local.  Please keep an eye on your emails for some short surveys we will be sending out to gather some important information and also to gather feedback from the membership.  As always please reach out to your reps we are here for you to support you.

In closing, we all want to thank you all for your hard work and dedication and support.  We will succeed working together in solidarity.

the 1041 webmaster